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Real-Time Shipping Methods

  • Unlike the Yahoo! Shipping Manager, accuRATEship pulls real-time rates from UPS, USPS, and FedEx.
  • Pass your negotiated rates on to your customers.
  • Prevent losing money (or, even make some more) by adding a markup on the method level.

Custom Shipping Methods

  • Just like in Yahoo!, custom methods can be created based on per order, per item, per pound.
  • accuRATEship goes to the next level with the ability to calculate custom methods on a per package rate.
  • Applying Real Time costs to your custom rules allows you to offer 2 variations of the same method.
  • Setting minimum weight and maximum package weight for custom methods allows you to control when a method is used similar to the major carriers.

Item Specific Calculations

  • Item level origin zip code is available which will calculate shipping from a unique drop shipper or warehouse per item.
  • Dimensions can be added to calculate dimensional weight for large or oversized products.
  • Products that cannot be shipped via a specific method, can be restricted.
  • Quoting shipping on shipping multi-box items becomes possible by entering dimensions and weights of each box to be shipped.

Other Features

  • Seamless integration with Yahoo! Merchant Solutions and Legacy Stores.
  • Increase the ship weights of all of your products at once using the package weight adjustments. Package weights can be increased can be added by percentage, table or flat rates.
  • Taxing rules based on zip code or state.
  • Seamless integration with Cactus Complete Commerce.

Optional Add On

  • Item Page Calculator is an item page application that allows your customers to check the shipping costs of the item upon entering their own zip code.

Sites that are using accuRATEship

Have additional questions about our advanced yahoo shipping calculator? Feel free to contact the team at accuRATEship.

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