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Q: How does this integrate with my Yahoo! Store?

A: accuRATEship is connected to your Yahoo! store by a real-time link. Your customers’ experience on your store will remain the same, as the only difference they may notice is the possibility of more or different shipping rates.

Q: Will my customers be taken to another website?

A: Absolutely not. Since AccuRates is seamlessly integrated into Yahoo!, your customers never leave your shopping cart, (or item page if applicable) to receive a shipping rate.

Q: Can I charge my customers a handling fee?

A: Yes, absolutely. Markups are available on both the method level and the item level. So you have 2 different types of handling fees that can be added.

Q: Do I need to use the same name of the methods the shipping company uses?

A: No, All method names can be changed to read anything you’d like. So for example you can refer to UPS Ground as “Slowest Method”. It would show “Slowest Method” to your customers but quote UPS Ground’s rate in the checkout.

Q: Can I use more than one shipping company at the same time?

A: Sure. You can use any combination of shipping company and shipping methods you’d like.

Q: Can accuRATEship calculate shipping for international orders?

A: Yes. accuRATEship is integrated with various international shipping methods from each of our supported shipping carriers.

Q: Will accuRATEship calculate rates for shipping to PO Boxes?

A: Yes, if the shipping company services PO Boxes.

Q: Can I use a custom rate table on some of my methods?

A: Yes. accuRATEship gives you the ability to create custom rate tables just as you would in Yahoo. As an added bonus, you are able to apply real time rates to these methods, if needed.

Q: Am I able to publish my site during the installation and setup of accuRATEship?

A: Yes. Since you control when the feature goes “live” on your site. You are able to publish any time you like, with out accuRATEship being published.

Q: Why doesn’t accuRATEship offer UPS Freight?

A. UPS does not yet have a developer tool or API accessible for LTL or freight rates. They expect to make that available sometime in 2010.

Q: Can I use FedEx Freight to calculate LTL rates even if I ship UPS?

A. Yes.  AccuRATEship allows you to name your methods and map them to a carrier service. So you can pull freight rates from FedEx and ship however you choose. Many users create a generic method name like “Freight” and use FedEx to calculate rates.

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