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Feeling limited by the Yahoo! Shipping Manager? Are you restricted to calculating shipping from a central location because your drop shipping companies are scattered throughout the United States? Break free with accuRATEship, a real-time shipping rate calculator.

A supplement for the Yahoo! Store Shipping Calculator, accuRATEship allows you to incorporate real-time FedEx shipping rates, USPS shipping rates and UPS shipping rates into your Yahoo! store. Want to find answer to your Yahoo! Store Shipping Questions? You’ve come to the right place.

Package from PA $4.95, Package from FL $3.99, and package from CA $22.57

Calculating Shipping from
a Central Location vs the Actual Locations

Product A from PA to TX: $4.95
Product B from FL to TX: $3.99
Product C from CA to TX: $22.57
Actual cost from the dropshippers locations: $31.51
Estimated cost based on one set central origin, like Yahoo!'s Shipping Manager: $22.47
That's a loss of $9.04 on shipping!

Don't let that be you.
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